A complete walkthrough of PUBG


In the gaming world, everyone wants to play the action games. For those people, PUBG Mobile is the best game to meet with the action. It is the best game of Tencent studio, which is also known as the battleground. It is an online game, or you can’t play it without the internet.  The game provides you with high- quality graphics and high definition audio. You can experience the real battles in it; you should play the game with your three partners. Your aim in the game is to survive for a long time by shooting all other players. If you are a new player, then you can’t play it without your watching the tutorials. Here I am giving you some important tips to play it like the professionals by trying PUBG Mobile Cheats.

How it starts

When you start the game, you will get the options to create the player by your choice. Always gives your real name to your player, because with the help of it your friends can find you quickly in the case of team play. After completing all these processes, you are ready to play the game. You will get the time to search your teammates in an empty ground. After that, you can see the view to jump from the plane, and you will land at the forest area, and now the battle starts. You have to win the fight from 99 other opponents, and everyone wants to kill others to save their self.

Keep moving    

If you want to win the game, then you have to move quickly to find the save place.  It is a battle game, so you should find another player to shot them otherwise they will shot you.

Always try to use the map to stay inside of the circle; it helps you to save the energy of your player. You should also have the option to drive the car; it helps you to move and save the energy. You have many vehicles to drive in the game. You can use the trucks, cars, bikes, and buggies to take your partners with you.

Use the weapons   

You should always fight to save your life in the game, and without the weapons, it is hard for you to win the battles. You can find many types of weapons from the houses and factories in the game; try to collect the best weapons of your opponents by killing them. If you want to kill the enemy from the close view, then you need shotguns to hit your target perfectly. On the other hand, if your enemy is very far from you, then try to use the sniper.  You can also take help from the zoom feature to hit a perfect short.