Game of Thrones: Conquest A Crucial Guide for beginners


Nowadays games are an essential need of every human for avoiding stress and tiredness. It is also an incredible source of happiness and entertainment. Well, Game of Thrones: Conquest is also this type of game. Here this type means where you can do unlimited activated with lots of fun. In the game, you can make own world and complete some task. It is free to play on the game store, but some items are purchasable. You need 99-megabyte free space for playing this game in Android device. It is a best strategy based game among all other.

Professional paths to play the game-

For every newcomer, it’s essential to know the proper way of playing the game. If you are also a new player, then we will tell you those proper ways. Firstly you can download it from your device game store. Nowadays each device has their game store means if you have an Android device then google play store is present. As per that in the IOS device, Apple app store is present. After downloading it open in your device when you open it then two options come on your screen. The first option is to play as the guest and second is log in with Facebook.

If you follow our suggestion then always log in to the game with social site. Via help of it you are able to play with friends and receive a certain amount of rewards. After the login, the company will give you some basic knowledge about controls. Here we will provide you with some tips also which will improve your performance and winning chance.

  • The game is released with many kinds of currencies which will allow you to perform in various kinds of activities. So always use it wisely because without it you are not able to play the game.
  • As per the currencies, there are also some essential resources available. You can use these all improve your performance in the game.
  • There a free option is present which allow you to earn free currencies also by trying Game Of Thrones Conquest Cheats. When you tap on this option, then a video will play automatically. After watching the video, you will receive some rewards.


Two Essential Methods to Earn Currency in Pixel Car


Nowadays games are the best source to utilize your free time properly. If you are looking for the best car racing game, then you must try Pixel Car once. It provides you with high-quality and realistic graphics with better sound quality. The game contains various types of general and important things like Cars, Car parts or accessories, Garage, different types of tracks, Lots of new and interesting modes and many other essential things which matters a lot.

There are various types of ways to earn a right amount of in-game currency. Users need to apply some important tips and tricks in order to play the game accurately and earn more amount with Pixel Car Racer Cheats of in-game currency.

Methods to earn currency

  • Log in the game with Facebook

It means that users have to connect the game to their Facebook account. It provides them with a small amount of money in the form of cash, diamonds, and crates. The amount which is earned by this process is low, but it is enough to save and use in the future. Another easy way to earn cash is by inviting your Facebook friends to play the game.

  • Complete more tournaments

Pixel Car consists of various types of interesting and impressive tournaments in it. The main aim of the users in the game is to play more and more tournaments as it provides them a good amount of in-game currency. The more you complete the tournament, the more you earn diamonds and cash.

So what’s the final verdict?

It is important for the gamers to play the game properly and earn more amount of in-game currency. It helps them in many ways such as they play Pixel Car without facing many complications. Users need to buy only the more useful and necessary things.

By applying the same process, it saves their money and gamers make proper use of it in the future. In order to become a professional player of the game, one must play it regularly on a daily basis. The more you play it daily, the more it becomes easy for you.


Elements Available In Hempire


Many individuals are finding the best sources for getting entertainment. There are lots of options available for such a task, but the way of games is the best. The players are required to choose the best game for getting proper entertainment. Hempire Hack is one of the best selections for getting entertainment and spending free time. The game is designed by adding different types of buildings. All buildings are useful in performing various kinds of activities and achieving some specific goals. In the following paragraphs, you can get proper details related to some buildings.


In the game, a shed is working as the storage place. Here the players can keep some raw material. The raw material that is available in the shed is used for constructions of other buildings. Many individuals are thinking of upgrading the shed. It becomes happened when a level of the game goes up. With the increasing game levels, the players can get bigger shed for storing more raw materials.


As we know that; the warehouses are used for keeping or storing goods in bulk quantity. In the game, the players are dealing with weeds, and they need to keep it at a safe place. For all these things, the game is featured with the warehouse building. Here, the players can keep marijuana buds and final products those are manufactured from these buds. The game progress is highly beneficial for increasing space and storing a vast quantity of buds.

Handy Mandy’s shop

It is the very first building in the game. The players can use it right when the tutorial gets finished. Most of the individuals are getting confused regarding the use of this particular shop. It can help the players in upgrading different types of helping elements or things. Mainly these ones are –

  • Shed
  • House

It is the only source which is helpful in unlocking different types of new units such as temperature units. There are lots of other uses of this particular building available. In the game, the players can see several other types of buildings those are helpful in the in-game success.

Pixel Gun 3d -Tips and Tricks for the beginners

It is good to add some mobile games in the busy lifestyle to reduce the stress level in an entertaining way. You can download many different games from Android and IOS game stores. Here I am talking about Pixel Gun 3d; it is one of the best trending games available for all the mobile users. It is offered by the Pixel Gun studio, and you can download it for free. The game provides you option to use the real money by in-App purchase or by getting Pixel Gun 3d Hack for free.

The gameplay is very impressive, and there are many missions and characters are available to make the game interesting for you. If you are playing in the campaign mode, then you can see many of different features in it.

Graphics and sounds

The game provides you with the high definition graphics and the excellent quality sound of zombies and songs. If you want to get a better experience, then you should use the headphones to feel the quality of the game.  The graphics in it is very realistic, and you will see the real view of different weapons.

Choice of arms

If you are a weapon lover, then it is the best platform for you to meet with a huge collection of superior weapons. It is important to get all the information about the guns and bombs if you want to play it correctly.  Improve your skills by using the professional guns in Pixel Gun 3d.

Different maps           

In the campaign mode, the maps are quite different from the other modes. You can see many of maps to know the correct location about your enemies. It is the only things which you can use at any time without any restrictions. Take help from the maps, because it is the only way to find your enemy.

Zombies and enemies     

Just like every survival game you can meet with a huge number of zombies here. If you want to win the game, then you have to kill all your enemies for making a save way. Players should use the right weapon in front of the right enemy.


A complete walkthrough of PUBG


In the gaming world, everyone wants to play the action games. For those people, PUBG Mobile is the best game to meet with the action. It is the best game of Tencent studio, which is also known as the battleground. It is an online game, or you can’t play it without the internet.  The game provides you with high- quality graphics and high definition audio. You can experience the real battles in it; you should play the game with your three partners. Your aim in the game is to survive for a long time by shooting all other players. If you are a new player, then you can’t play it without your watching the tutorials. Here I am giving you some important tips to play it like the professionals by trying PUBG Mobile Cheats.

How it starts

When you start the game, you will get the options to create the player by your choice. Always gives your real name to your player, because with the help of it your friends can find you quickly in the case of team play. After completing all these processes, you are ready to play the game. You will get the time to search your teammates in an empty ground. After that, you can see the view to jump from the plane, and you will land at the forest area, and now the battle starts. You have to win the fight from 99 other opponents, and everyone wants to kill others to save their self.

Keep moving    

If you want to win the game, then you have to move quickly to find the save place.  It is a battle game, so you should find another player to shot them otherwise they will shot you.

Always try to use the map to stay inside of the circle; it helps you to save the energy of your player. You should also have the option to drive the car; it helps you to move and save the energy. You have many vehicles to drive in the game. You can use the trucks, cars, bikes, and buggies to take your partners with you.

Use the weapons   

You should always fight to save your life in the game, and without the weapons, it is hard for you to win the battles. You can find many types of weapons from the houses and factories in the game; try to collect the best weapons of your opponents by killing them. If you want to kill the enemy from the close view, then you need shotguns to hit your target perfectly. On the other hand, if your enemy is very far from you, then try to use the sniper.  You can also take help from the zoom feature to hit a perfect short.



MIG Welding: Most Evolved & Developed

MIG Welding: Most Evolved & Developed

Hey guys, welcome here. This article is going to consist some study on the specific welding process named MIG welding. Beginners and others who want to learn to stay tuned here.

GMAG or Gas Metal Arc Welding or Metal Inert Gas Welding involves a process of welding which requires an electrode wire in this case the wire is consumable. Here in case of MIG welding shielding gas are used for stopping any contamination which might take place.

Advantages in using MIG welding-

i.                    Originally it was invented long back for a specific purpose and that is for welding aluminum.

ii.                  These welding elements have a kit that is handle which is a semi-auto air cooled device.

iii.                The electrode wire works as the melting element and joins other metal.

iv.               It has four (4) different segment of welding, so required job can be done precisely using MIG welding.

v.                 The shielding gas always doesn’t let occur any contamination in the process of welding.


Problems faced while using MIG welding-

i.                    Firstly, it is a very fancy job. The welders who use this type of best multi-purpose welding machines must have to consider the atmospheric situation and then work on it. Wind blows can hammer the procedure to become a success. So less windy and no windy places are the best choice for this action.

ii.                  Secondly, when it comes to its fancy nature we have to learn the mixed steps and procedures to endure the proceeding by own self. However, this welding technique is considered as a mighty welding technique it requires the pre-welded surface to be like neat and clean. It won’t work on the rough and sluggish surface.


There are few other techniques related to multi-purpose welding, the welders have to check the task before choosing which one is going to be the friendly method to do the job. So here I’m discussing some other valuable methods which we can look into and classify its purpose.

                      Firstly, let us talk about the most user-friendly kind of multi-purpose welding, that is not other than Stick welding. When it comes to the job of inside home or own garage stuff it is the only welding machine preferably. It has a functioning like a wire feed continuously welds two metal surfaces into one until the trigger is set loose or the wire is consumed totally. This has more advantages and it can weld steels and stainless stills too. It is the only welding process to weld on cast iron.

                      Next, it comes to the part of FCA welding. It refers Fluxed cored or using electrodes covering up metals and in between them the reactant metal and using the arc to heat it up and melt to weld it into one piece. This is good enough for the welders and workshop holders to work with. As some of the various kind of welding requires gasses to weld, along with this they also shield the metal this has no further forth tension along with this.

                      After it is the turn for TIG welding. This is a kind of welding where the above mentioned inert gases take place. The tungsten electrode is made with an arc inside it, and unlike other electrodes, the electrode used here never gets melted and thereby acts like a reactant material in the welding process. So sometimes filler metal is also needed. There comes then the shielding gases to be sprayed on. If you decided then buy now.